Four years ago, I tried to see how using this blog might spur a regular writing schedule. It worked pretty well in the summer of 2013, and then the new school year came along, and the blogging stopped.

But the reading and writing and collecting didn’t stop, and now it’s time to try to gather the material in a new form. In the near future, that means that I will be *withdrawing* certain posts from this blog, in order to rewrite them in a new format. As the work progresses, I expect to make some new posts, too—especially bibliographies and suggestions for others who might be interested in the project of “thinking through images.”

As it has evolved, this work has much less to do with the history of cinema, or even with the work of Godard and others. Instead, it points in the direction of a general pedagogy of words and images, aimed at exploring more fully what we are capable of thinking. Even after all these years of very slow progress, this task seems more urgent than ever.